Transportable Array Realtime Data:

TA (lower 48) footprint: 2HR_BHZ 24HR_BHZ 24HR_LD[MO] 24HR_LDF 24HR_QDR
TA-Alaska deployment: 2HR_BHZ 24HR_BHZ 24HR_LD[MO] 24HR_LDF 24HR_QDR


Helpful Information About These Displays

The images on this page are snapshots of the last 24HR hours of data the ANF is currently receiving from USArray stations. The page is auto-refreshed every 300 seconds to reflect the latest data recorded.

Waveform data is yellow with a dark blue background. A black background represents zero data return. The most recent data is on the right-hand side, with the edge of the right-hand side of the image being the current time.

The identifying code (on the left-hand side) is in the format NN_STA_CHA where NN is the operating network (i.e. the Transportable Array (TA), a regional network like CalTech (CI) or the USNSN(US)), STA is the station code, and CHA is the channel code used to identify a particular data stream from the station (e.g. HHZ is a broadband, High sample rate, High gain, Vertical component data stream).

For a complete guide to station codes and their meanings visit the IRIS website.