USArray Stations

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There are currently 282 stations returning data out of a total number of 302 stations (20 stations considered offline).

To view various parameters of the active stations in the USArray deployment click one of the "Active" tabs below (information after the ':' defines the parameter plotted). To view decommissioned stations in the USArray deployment click the "Decommissioned" tab. Station symbols are colored by status parameter type.

To view details on an individual station you can either click a station symbol on any map below or click the station name in the table beneath. Both methods lead you to a detailed information page for each station. Placing your cursor over the map symbol displays a summary of the station setup.

To the right of each Network:Station code there is a status flag. The status flag is assigned by the level of data latency for each station as per the legend below:

Note: This display is for appraisal only and should not be used for detailed station diagnostics.

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