USArray Alaska Operations Center (AOC) Bench Test:

The information on this page is for hardware testing and has no scientific value for the general public.

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Real-time Station Status

dlmon link

The new DLMON works best on a dedicated page. Go to link for AOC TESTBED DLMON.

Image showing ORB packet in the last 24HR

The image will display all traces collected by the real-time system at the ANF.

dbwfserver - Web-based display and interaction with high density waveform data

The Waveform Server, a Python Twisted application that allows rapid access and interactivity with multi-station, multi-sensor and multi-channel data stored in css3.0 schema relational databases. The application uses web 2.0 technologies (JSON-based data exchange, AJAX functionality, and HTML5 elements) and standardized libraries (jQuery and jQueryUI) to quickly display large volumes of data in a user-friendly format as either a stand-alone application or remote (iframe) display.

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If you have any problems with the tool you can select the "debug" mode and copy/paste the query_url(the text over the plot) into an email to:
Juan Reyes<>

Description of weather channels:

channel sps sensor description
LDO_EP 1 Setra barometer
LDF_EP 1 NCPA microphone
LDM_EP 1 internal pressure
LKM_EP 1 internal temp
LIM_EP 1 internal humidity
LDV_EP 0.1 Vaisala pressure
LKO_EP 0.1 Vaisala temp
LIO_EP 0.1 Vaisala humidity
LWD_EP 0.1 Vaisala wind direction
LWS_EP 0.1 Vaisala wind speed m/s
LRO_EP 0.1 Vaisala rain intensity mm/h
LRH_EP 0.1 Vaisala hail speed hits/cm^2*h