Online Tools

The ANF provides many web–based QC monitoring tools, split into 4 broad areas: realtime data; metadata and bulletins; network status; and state-of-health. Many of these tools display realtime graphical respresentations that can be interpreted to show the status of the network.

Realtime Data

Trace Displays

Seismic traces updated in real-timeOrbrtd for TA network
  Transportable Array realtime trace data


  • Vertical-Broadband channels: 2 hr | 24 hr
  • Pressure Sensor (LDM_EP): 24 hr
  • LOWER48:

  • Vertical-Broadband channels: 2 hr | 24 hr
  • Pressure Sensor (LDM_EP): 24 hr

  • Vertical-Broadband channels: 2 hr | 24 hr

Event Map - Seismicity

 Map showing recently recorded earthquake locationsRecent seismicity map
  Automatic event detection locations. Unlikely any analyst review

Network Status

Webdlmon - Datalogger SOH

 Tabular monitor of datalogger state of health (SOH) for TA network Webdlmon active dataloggers | prelim
  Sort columns, subset parameters, & integration with daily-weekly-monthly SOH plots.

Deployment Map - Station Status

 Map showing active status of seismic stations Active deployment map
  View by network, comm type or provider, or sensor type

Daily Return Rates

graph showing daily data return per networkData Return Rates
Interactive plots displaying daily data return rates to the ANF data center

Metadata and Bulletins


Directory listing of available dataless SEED metadata files for downloadDownload dataless SEED volumes for TA stations
  TA metadata (site location, equipment installed, instrument response)

Analyst reviewed events

listing of downloadable TA event bulletins with seismic picksDownload Events
Analyst reviewed monthly CSS3.0-format tables. Includes arrivals, origins, magnitudes, etc.

State of Health (SOH) Trends

RRD plots showing day, week, month of data rate and commlink cyclesBGAN SOH explorer
Data Rate and CommLink Cycles for BGAN sites

gather of tools for AOC field crewsAOC Testbed
Data from bench test equipment (for our field team)

RRD plots showing day, week, month of SOH SOH Archive Explorer
Customizable week-month-lifetime plots for user-chosen stations and SOH channels