Figure 1. Transportable Array (TA) Cascadia deployment.
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The Cascadia subproject was part of the Transportable Array (TA) from 2009-2016.

In February 2009, at the request of the NSF, the USArray team submitted several ideas for consideration of ARRA funding including redeploying the Transportable Array in Cascadia.

In April 2009 the NSF suggested a framework for linking a few specific ideas from PBO, USArray and OBSIP.

In May 2009 a preliminary plan was submitted, titled "Redeploying the TA in Cascadia".

On June 29 – July 1, 2009 a joint MARGINS and EarthScope Cascadia meeting took place. Please visit the MARGINS website for more information, including downloadable presentations.

In October 2009 eight stations were redeployed. By September 2010 all twenty seven stations were successfully redeployed.

Stations were removed by the end of September 2016.