Datalogger State-of-health Plots

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To display information about a station either (1) click a map icon or (2) enter a station code in the form input field below and click the 'Show on map' button. Stations are color-coded by network, as described on the main stations page. The pop-up window shows two tabs – 'Metadata' and 'Plots'. Clicking the 'Metadata' tab displays meta-data for the selected station and the current data latency for the station. Clicking the 'Plots' tab displays datalogger, communications and opto channel select boxes to choose which state-of-health parameters to plot. Select a state-of-health parameter, a time period, and click the 'Get plots' button. The plots are displayed beneath the map. Plots are only available for TA (red) stations.

Use the arrow keys in the top-left to move the map or click and drag in the map window. The '+' and '-' keys zoom in and out of the map, respectively. Drag the 'slider' to dynamically zoom in/out of the map. You can modify the type of map by clicking the buttons in the top-right of the map. More information on how to use Google Maps.

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