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[4] active sites. [0] decommissioned sites.

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The table below shows some parameters for instrumentation related to the TA project.

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IDVNETLocationStart DeploymentData LatencyLast Day Performace
YO_BEAV_US-TAYGS, Beaver River Airstrip, YK10/13/16 (287) 14:39:55 UTCOFFLINE-
YO_KOTA_US-TAYGS, Kotaneelee Airstrip, YK10/13/16 (287) 14:40:08 UTC59 secs-
YO_LIRD_US-TAYGS, Liard River Highway Maintenance Camp, BC10/13/16 (287) 14:40:12 UTC1 min-
YO_TOAD_US-TAYGS, Toad River Community Hall, BC 2/10/18 (041) 00:00:00 UTC35 secs-
IDVNETLocationStart DeploymentEnd Deployment
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