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Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake: Northern Sumatra, Indonesia


The red marker denotes the earthquake epicenter.

On Tue Dec 6th 2016 22:03:34 (UTC) the seismic network recorded an earthquake (preliminary 6.4 mwp) located in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. Seismic region Andaman Islands To Sumatra.

The epicentral distance (i.e. distance separating the location to the epicenter) to the closest station A21K in the network is 10,058.3 km.

If you felt the quake, the USGS would like to know. Please add your comments to the USGS page "Did you feel it?".


Time:Tue Dec 6th 2016 22:03:34 (UTC)
Magnitude:6.4 mwp
Depth:17.2 km

Proximity to Population Centers

Event and active stations

The red marker denotes the earthquake epicenter.

Seismic waveforms for closest station

Closest station with identified signal. Not filtered.

Seismic waveforms for vertical channels in network

Subset of several stations close to the event. Not filtered.

Signal description at some stations

STA_CHANS-E DeltaS-E AzimuthPhase TimeSignal/NoiseTime ResidualV. ModelAutharid
A21K_BHZ90.355°287.89°PcP2016-12-06 22:16:36.6378 UTC44.1910.539iasp91dbp:vladik:16343408246
C23K_BHZ92.747°293.54°PcP2016-12-06 22:16:48.1274 UTC19.6911.434iasp91dbp:vladik:16343408247
J20K_BHZ93.561°289.96°PcP2016-12-06 22:16:52.5368 UTC10.7172.233iasp91dbp:vladik:16343408243
TOLK_BHZ93.57°294.46°PcP2016-12-06 22:16:52.6906 UTC30.2652.349iasp91dbp:vladik:16343408248
H21K_BHZ93.572°291.28°PcP2016-12-06 22:16:50.8435 UTC26.3280.491iasp91dbp:vladik:16343408249
E23K_BHZ93.796°294.38°PcP2016-12-06 22:16:51.8685 UTC17.6990.524iasp91dbp:vladik:16343408252
H22K_BHZ94.027°292.61°PcP2016-12-06 22:16:53.5711 UTC38.3491.201iasp91dbp:vladik:16343408250
N19K_BHZ94.548°289.43°PcP2016-12-06 22:16:56.5968 UTC10.0421.914iasp91dbp:vladik:16343408251
F24K_BHZ94.617°295.97°PcP2016-12-06 22:16:56.525 UTC21.0461.538iasp91dbp:vladik:16343408254
E25K_BHZ95.122°298.2°PcP2016-12-06 22:16:58.7 UTC6.85541.471iasp91dbp:vladik:16343408245
O20A_BHZ129.273°327.75°PKiKP2016-12-06 22:22:43.0929 UTC17.5780.149iasp91dbp:vladik:16343408276
N23A_BHZ129.513°330.8°PKiKP2016-12-06 22:22:43.974 UTC6.33750.549iasp91dbp:vladik:16343408277

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