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last updated: 03/11/11 00:03.13 (PST)

On Thursday March 10 2011 at 9:46 PM (PST) the USArray seismic network recorded an earthquake (preliminary Mw 9.0) located near the east coast of Honshu, Japan.

Initial source parameters for this tremor are indicated below. The epicentral distance (i.e. distance separating the epicenter and the closest station in the recording network, A04D) for the USArray is 7257 km (65.30 degrees).

If you felt the quake, the USGS would like to know. Please add your comments to the USGS page "Did you feel it?".

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Global map view
Solution Parameters
Local Date:Thursday March 10, 2011
Local Time: 9:46 PM PST
Universal Time:03/11/11 (070) 05:46.24 UTC
Magnitude:9.0 Mw
Depth:24 km

Proximity to Population Centers

  • 130 km (80 miles) E of Sendai, Honshu, Japan
  • 178 km (110 miles) E of Yamagata, Honshu, Japan
  • 178 km (110 miles) ENE of Fukushima, Honshu, Japan
  • 373 km (231 miles) NE of Tokyo, Japan


Mercator projection regional view

The red star denotes the earthquake epicenter. Triangle symbols are active stations at the time of the earthquake in the USArray (excluding ANSS backbone stations and GSN stations, which are represented by a diamond symbol) and colored by network. Blue lines are major rivers. Thin black lines are state boundaries and thick black lines are national boundaries.

Regional map view
Network Legend
 Transportable Array (TA)
 UC San Diego (AZ)
 CalTech (CI)
 Uni. Utah (UU)
 ANSS backbone stations (US)
 Global Seismograph Network (IU)

Regional satellite view

The red marker denotes the earthquake epicenter.

Detailed terrain view

The red marker denotes the earthquake epicenter.


You may view plots showing this event as recorded by USArray instruments:

3 components recorded by A04D, the closest USArray station to the event:

Latest monthly deployment map

Every arrival station waveforms

View waveforms from any station* that recorded arrivals for the event by entering the station code below (e.g. 109C) and clicking the 'View waveforms' button:

* – If waveforms are filtered, the filter type is listed on the image

Current seismic activity measured by USArray

Click the link below to observe an interactive map of earthquakes recorded by the USArray deployment:

Further information

Learn more about the Array Network Facility (ANF) component of USArray, the USArray experiment, the EarthScope project, and the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS).

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