DLMON: [C] Global Reporting Geophysical Observatories in Chile

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The table below shows some values as reported by the stations in realtime. We expand that information with parameters from our database (ie. VNET, COMMTYPE, PROVIDER, STANAME). We also include values from local systems that are tracking the communication infrastructure for some sites. That will be fields included in the "Intermapper" view.

Some values are restricted to the general public for having sensitive information about the sites. To get those values on the table the user most log into the ADMIN PAGE first. Then come back to this tool and reload the page.

Some fields will allow you open a plot of the historical values of that field. NOT EVERY FIELD WILL HAVE PLOTS. Mostly limited to parameters with numerical values that we track in a RRD database. You will see a link option on the values that will open the RRD plots.

Each column is forward and reverse sortable by clicking the column header. To sort in multiple columns press SHIFT and then click on a different column.

The header of each column will stay at the top of your screen when you scroll down. It will always stay visible for you to identify the field type of the values that you are seeing.

There is a small gray bar immediately under the column headers. Hover over this bar (or click) to open some input fields that will allow you to search and subset your table. Each text field should expand and only subset the respective column. Some logical operators and regular-expressions (regex) are possible.

visible for you to identify the field type of the values that you are seeing.

There is no auto-refresh/auto-load on the page nor the data in it. It is a static view of the systems at the time the request was made. It will require a manual refresh to see the latest data reported by the sites.

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regreg0.00000.00000.00119080054.083105 days-9080012.451- 105 days0.0000.0--0.0000.0 % B/s0.00.0 B71796.070.1 KB0.0000100.000100.0 %-2-2.0-10-10-6-6-11-112020202020207.0007 C11.10011.1 V0.08686.0 mA--elck 3delck 3dll11
yesyes0.00000.00000.00113.0953 secs167.6772 mins1.0001.098.05498.1 %0.0000.0 % KB/s77766280.074.2 MB1315780.01.3 MB0.0000100.000100.0 %00.01313-29-29141420202020202025.00025 C12.30012.3 V0.07474.0 mA--elck 3delck 3dll11
yesyes0.00000.00000.00113.0333 secs38757.43710 hrs1.0001.0100.000100.0 %0.0000.0 % KB/s71078112.067.8 MB1315748.01.3 MB0.0000100.000100.0 %-2-2.0-6-6-28-28-13-1320202020202026.00026 C12.30012.3 V0.07272.0 mA--elck 3delck 3dll11
yesyes0.00000.00000.00113.0813 secs16447.3614 hrs1.0001.0100.000100.0 %0.0000.0 % KB/s78262554.074.6 MB1314264.01.3 MB0.0000100.000100.0 %00.088118820202020202034.00034 C12.15012.2 V0.06868.0 mA--elck 3delck 3dll11
yesyes0.00000.00000.00113.0263 secs1094.35318 mins1.0001.099.64399.6 %0.0000.0 % KB/s75120178.071.6 MB1330464.01.3 MB0.0000100.000100.0 %00.0334411101020206621.00021 C12.90012.9 V0.06464.0 mA--elck 3delck 3dll11
yesyes0.00000.00000.00113.0263 secs471203.9255 days1.0001.0100.000100.0 %0.0000.0 % KB/s75889350.072.4 MB1313184.01.3 MB0.0000100.000100.0 %00.033-14-14-6-620202020202022.00022 C12.90012.9 V0.07070.0 mAcscselck 3delck 3dll11
yesyes0.00000.00000.00113.0823 secs55130.48215 hrs1.0001.099.21399.2 %0.0000.0 % KB/s75827848.072.3 MB1330916.01.3 MB0.0000100.000100.0 %-2-2.00000-3-320202020202012.00012 C12.60012.6 V0.07272.0 mA--elck 3delck 3dll11
yesyes0.00000.00000.00113.0833 secs1586.94026 mins1.0001.0100.000100.0 %0.0000.0 % KB/s79432858.075.8 MB1350482.01.3 MB0.0000100.000100.0 %00.0-18-1800131320202020202016.00016 C13.50013.5 V0.06464.0 mA--elck 3delck 3dll11
yesyes0.00000.00000.00113.0263 secs1093514.81012 days1.0171.099.60599.6 %0.0000.0 % KB/s74475508.071.0 MB1307050.01.2 MB0.0000100.000100.0 %00.01111-22-22-15-1520202020202012.00012 C12.75012.8 V0.07070.0 mA--elck 3delck 3dll11